Your Wellness Team

Meet Your Wellness Team!

  • Jessica Lozier
    Clinic Director

    Hi, I'm Jessica. I am the Clinic Director here at Lozier Natural Health. I have had a passion for natural health from a very young age. Through sports and athletic training I came to realize that to be active, happy, and healthy it is vital to nourish the body with the most life giving natural food and nutrition available. We love helping people discover what is looks and feels like to be truly well. Our goal is to not only help you get well but also teach you the tools you need to stay well and take care of yourself for a lifetime.

  • Sailor N
    Marketing Director

    Hi, I’m Sailor. I am the Marketing Director here at Lozier Natural Health. I was first introduced to natural health and wellness as a patient of Dr. Lozier’s. The care and attention I received from Dr. Lozier and his team sparked what would become a life-changing passion of mine. Now that I have transitioned into a member on Dr. Lozier’s team, I am so excited to help others achieve their wellness goals and become the best version of themselves!

  • Andrea R
    Medical Assistant

    Hi, my name is Andrea. I am the Medical Assistant here at Lozier Natural Health. I was first introduced to natural health and wellness years ago when I became very sick and was cycling through multiple specialists. I was hitting walls, with no answers. The only advice I was getting was more meds and methods, that did not actually treat the disease, but make it worse. That is when, by Gods grace, I was introduced to Dr Lozier’s practice by a friend, and our whole family has been impacted since. Myself, husband, and both our boys have multiple testimonies of the care and focus Dr Lozier has provided for our family. I became so passionate about the care over the years, that I was honored when asked me to be a part of the team! Health is not a quick fix or diet plan, it’s a life style of honoring our bodies along with being open minded to growing and learning. Dr Lozier and the team provide the best personalize care! I now have the opportunity to assist in helping others becoming empowered and not defeated, with their health! 

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  • Katie V

    Hi, my name is Katie. I am one of the Medical Assistants here at Lozier Natural Health.  My health journey started about 10 years ago after moving back home from Nashville, TN.  More and more things started coming out at that time about different autoimmune conditions, gluten free eating and the gaining popularity of alternative medicine.  I took a great interest in all of this when I realized that the way I felt on a day to day basis was not normal and my body was not functioning at an optimum level.  I came upon a job opening at Lozier Natural Health and knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn, grow and provide assistants to others on the same health journey as myself.  I worked for the Lozier's for about two years as one of their original Medical Assistants and then left in 2017 to pursue new opportunities. 

    I am happy to have been invited back to the office in January of 2022 as a Medical Assistant again, as I have carried what I learned previously with me throughout my time away.  I am overjoyed to get to help familiar patients and new ones too on their unique and wonderful health journeys! 


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