Digestive Health

Digestion Health

We offer a variety of supportive options to help keep your digestive health in check. Your digestive health can have a variety of many faucets and can sometimes bring confusion, especially given all the information that is available to us today. That is why it is important to seek an individualized care plan to make sure you are supporting your digestive system specifically for you.

Here are some common conditions and symptoms that might suggest your digestive system is out of balance:

  • IBS or constipation and diarrhea 
  • Heartburn, acid reflux
  • Craving of carbs and access sugars
  • Diagnosed with leaky gut

Some of the ways we can help support your digestive system here at Lozier Natural Health:

  • Food allergy testing, to remove any food sensitivities that can trigger digestive upset and inflammation. 
  • Targeted supplementation including, but not limited to; digestive enzymes to break down food and help our bodies absorb nutrients and have strong elimination.
  • Food do's and don'ts guidelines, to help you start reading labels, looking for unprocessed foods and focusing on local and organic produce and meats, to help eliminate extra additives that disrupt that digestive function. 
  • Chiropractic adjustments - often times if certain things are out of place in the body, it can interfere with how our digestive system is working.
  • Targeted laser treatments and acupuncture. 


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